With over 40 years of experience, 30 Grammy nominations, quality vintage analog gear, and the best digital processing available, your project is in good hands.  Having an experienced and impartial set of fresh ears listen to your work is one of the most important elements in the mastering process.  As the last creative step, mastering offers the chance to sonically enhance your music and place your project on the same technical level as major label releases.  This is especially true for recordings done in project/home studios. 

Mastering may include but is not limited to:


• Sonic Enhancement and Correction with EQ & other tools

• Dynamic Enhancement and Optimization

• Stereo Image Enhancement

• Sequencing, Spacing, Fades, Song Editing

• PQ,  ISRC and text Encoding With CD Verification

• Audio Restoration

Mastering has evolved into two categories.  First is the use of the traditional stereo mix. The second option involves multitrack stems or separations.  Although stems are not used for remixing your tracks, they do allow for greater mastering flexibility by allowing access to selected  individual tracks.


If you are recording at any resolution between 24 bit / 44.1kHz to 24 bit / 96kHz, we provide you with a master at the same resolution, which doesn’t lose the benefit of the extra bits and samples captured during recording.  When uploading to iTunes, Apple will now store your masters on their servers at up to 24 bit / 96kHz sample rate recording resolution, allowing for both better encoding into the latest iTunes codec, and compatibility with future formats.  You can now ensure that new generations of music formats will take advantage of the better-than-CD quality recordings that you make today.


This file contains no format conversions, is not compressed and represents the truest mastered sound of your original recording.  It is a big file.  If you have recorded at any resolution between 24 bit / 44.1kHz to 24 bit / 96kHz, we will provide you with a master at the same resolution, which doesn’t lose the benefit of the extra bits and samples captured during recording.


For those of you unsure of what mastering can do for your project, we offer a free test sample.  E-mail us one tune and we’ll send you back your mastered sample to evaluate free of charge.

Please Click here to send your file - or call 201-766-1520 for more information.



Mixing is an art unto itself.  At G & J Audio we have decades of combined experience and classic tools that we bring to your project.  Using the same speakers we master on offers you the ability to hear your music close to the finished product.

From your consolidated audio WAV files, we take your mix-ready tracks and import them into our DAW for mixing.  We bring out the instrument sounds, vocal depth, and overall presence that will make sure your mix sounds great on all types of speakers.


• CD Production Masters

• Audio Compilations with Level Matching

  1. Digital Format Transfers

  2. DVD Backup of Hard Drive Sessions


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After many years and thousands of albums we have come to a realization that by combining what is usually thought of as two separate functions into one, we can come up with a better product at a cheaper price.  The idea seems so simple that it’s hard to believe it is not standard practice. However it requires specialized equipment and a perspective that only comes from mixing and mastering thousands of albums.  By mixing and mastering at the same session on the same speakers, the artist is given a perspective that usually only comes when the project is finished and changes are usually economically out of reach.

Although we are a full service mixing studio, we have found that the most efficient and economical way to work is to start with what we call “mix-ready” tracks. That means that the tracks only contain information that is to be used and do not require editing or source replacements.  We then use a commercially released CD that you choose as an A B comparison to learn your tastes and sonic preferences.  Next we would mix a cut for you to critique.  Using your feedback we would efficiently mix the rest of the album and give you a reference to evaluate.  Instead of sitting through the mechanical part of mixing, your time will be better spent focusing in on the details of each mix. The beauty of this process is that at each stage of review, the benefits of the mastering process are included.  This means that you are always judging the final version of the mix and when you like it, it’s done.

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